Welcome to my drawing gallery. There are hand-drawn views and animals, most often of the polar region, which has been an inspiration to me for years. Some representations are more realistic, others are free interpretations, illustrating my own stories and memories of the far north. Some still are even symbolic, showing elements of arctic nature combined into one circle of life.

The technique that I use most often is a fineliner on paper in black and white. The contrast of these two opposing colors, or more precisely the line and the lack of a line, has become my favorite form to express my story about wild arctic nature which in itself, is also raw and minimalist in its form and full of contrasts separated by a thin line, such as: darkness – light, night – day, snow – rocks, ice – water, predator – victim, life – death.

The drawings are available for purchase as pigment prints on 255g/m2 microporous photo paper destinated for high quality prints. Each drawing is sold as limited edition prints. Each copy comes with a unique number for identification.

If you would like a drawing with a unique design or non-standard size print, please contact me for an individual order.

I send drawings up to A4 in cardboard folder. Drawings larger than A4 are sent rolled up in a cardboard tube. I only use environmentally friendly packaging to transport my works.