Ceramics is the form of expression closest to me. The moment when I hold a piece of clay in my hand while letting my creative thought flow as my hands start to act, cannot be compared to anything else. Giving clay a shape, texture and color is a long process that requires commitment and patience from the creator, because ceramics is not only about molding and burning a piece of clay. An inseparable element of creating ceramics is also the waiting time; the need to feel the right moment when the clay allows you to do what you want with it. You cannot rush it, nor be late. Clay can be cruel when, despite your best efforts, it falls to pieces in the oven after the long crafting process. Another time it will give you great joy when, after taking it out of the stove, it exceeds your most beautiful expectations. I know of no material more capricious and demanding than clay, but at the same time there is no art more unlimited than ceramics. The only thing that can limit you in ceramic art is your imagination.

In the gallery you will find my ceramics, inspired mainly by nature, e.g. animal figurines that I had the opportunity to observe. Sometimes the element of the sculpture is also a stone, which I then use as the basis for the sculpture.

Each of these items is unique. Each of them has its own tale. It’s a long story of inspiration, ideas, shape making, waiting, hollowing, gluing, honing, polishing, waiting, firing, sometimes glazing and firing again. It’s a story of the joy of creating and fulfillment. My contribution to it ends here, but the story goes on. Which corner of the world will this item end up? Where will it find its place? How long will it stay there and who else will be happy to see it? This is the continuation of the story. I would be glad if you were to become a part of it.

I also make commissioned sculptures. Please contact me if the item you want to buy is no longer available.

I only use environmentally friendly packaging to transport my works.