About me

My name is Patrycja Nowosad. I am a ceramist, abstract painter, traveler, sailor, polar explorer and wildlife lover. The fine arts have always been present in my life, as have ceramics for over 10 years. Invariably, the greatest source of inspiration for me is the surrounding nature.
The polar zone occupies a special place in my heart, and thus also in my artistic creation. I got to know that part of the world during my travels. My fascination with the Arctic led me to the picturesque Hornsund Fjord in the south of Spitsbergen, where I lived for a year working as a meteorologist at a polar station. The opportunity to observe wild arctic nature so closely was a unique and unforgettable experience for me. Many of my artistic ideas were born there too.

I think the greatest artist is nature itself, and its creations are the greatest pieces of art. I see them in the colors of the waves of the sea, in the spatial structures of the ice, in the sharp outline of mountain peaks, in the spectacle of the Northern Lights, in the powerful and dignified silhouette of a polar bear and in the subtle beauty of arctic flowers. Whenever I can visit this Natural Art Gallery, I draw from it energy, knowledge and inspiration.

But there is something else in my attempts to capture the raw beauty of this fragile arctic nature – the painful awareness that due to global warming, right before our eyes, this world is changing, falling apart, and piece by piece, disappearing forever. If you think about it for a moment while observing my works, if they provoke you to reflect upon or, what’s more, encourage you to take even a small action to slow down this process, it will mean that all my creative work has been worth the effort.